Nurturing Excellence: Building a Community of Purpose-Driven Leaders.

In the companies I lead, we don’t just welcome new hires; we induct trailblazers into a community driven by a shared purpose.

Reflecting on our induction sessions, where I have the privilege of engaging with the newest members, I will share my thoughts on the importance of nurturing excellence through a dialogue of aspirations, dreams, and a collective commitment to redefining the future of the corporate world.

More Than Just an Organisation.

I often ask about the motivations behind joining our community; the resounding theme is a desire to make a difference not only in Nigeria but across our continent. For others, it is to become part of a legacy that continues to reinvent the norm.
Every organisation, big or small, should have a culture that draws aspiring employees to want to make a difference– an infectious enthusiasm, a can-do spirit, and a hunger to break boundaries. These qualities will empower them to exceed expectations.

Beyond Competency: Hiring for Attitude

At Heirs Holdings Group and UBA Group, our commitment to excellence goes beyond technical competency. We believe in hiring with the right attitude – a principle that guides our selection from a competitive talent pool. Our members are not just star performers; they embody stellar results, execution prowess, and a commitment to excellence.
Organisations must have an eye for competency and the right attitude.

A Culture of Accessibility and Innovation.

In large organisations, the risk of individuals feeling lost is ever-present. At UBA, we counteract this by providing our staff with the necessary resources while maintaining an open and accessible culture. Organisations must remember that rules exist not to stifle creativity but to provide a framework for success. If, at any point, these rules hinder innovation, it is a signal for revaluation.

Empowering Leadership: A Personal Commitment.

As Chairman of UBA Group and Heirs Holdings, I ensure I am accessible to my staff. All concerns and ideas are crucial to our collective success.

In building the organisation we desire, communication and collaboration are paramount.
By fostering a culture of openness, innovation, and a shared purpose, organisations will not just be a structure but rather a community committed to Africa’s growth and shaping our continent’s economic renaissance.


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